Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wednesday Ride

I went out with a few guys from work today for a short ride. We ended up doing 21 miles on a mostly flat loop. The wind was kicking from the South though making the out trip a bit of work. It is nice to be able to have an activity outside of work where I can hang out with my co-workers. I think it helps people get to know each other better and that translates into the office. The two guys I rode with today are Mr. S, who is the President of our company and Big Cat, who is a Marketing Manager like me. For a mid 50's dude, Mr. S is in great shape. He just took up cycling a few months ago and is progressing very nicely. I keep joking that he is going to upgrade his ride soon. He certainly has the money to ride whatever he wants. He keeps saying he won't do it, but I know he will. Big Cat is a mid 40's dude, and has only been riding a few months as well. He was a serious runner prior to taking up biking. He has almost ZERO body fat. He has morphed into a very very good biker already. At 6'1" and lanky as hell (172 pounds), he just glides up the hills. I built his bike for him and he seems to be happy with it which is cool. He is the only person on a Rocky Mountain road bike that I have seen in Austin. How did I feel on the ride? Strong at times, and weak at times. I still feel rusty from being off the bike for 3 weeks while I was in Asia. I still have a lot of work to do to get into good shape, but it will come. I forgot my camera today, so I will take some pictures on my next ride.



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