Thursday, February 21, 2008

Recent Happenings

1) I went out on the Progress Coffee ride on Sunday with about 25 or 30 other racers from Austin. The loop is about 50 miles and is usually at a pretty brisk pace. There is one section of smooth flat road before the store where everyone refills their water at about the midpoint. I found myself in the front of the group with a few local pro/1 men and a woman working hard in a paceline. There were about 5 or 6 of us working. We were bombing at about 35 mph and after about 5 or 6 pulls I was well into my red zone and about to pop. I eased off the back of the pace line and was quickly picked up and passed by a big group. Screw it I thought as I was gasping for air. I will wait for the stragglers and ride with them the remaining 2 miles to the store. I looked back and there was a problem, there were no stragglers. There was just me and I was dropped. "Way to go dickhead," I said to myself. Note to self - be aware of your early season abilities and don't do this at the race on Sunday.

2) I am racing at Pace Bend on Sunday. I decided on the 35+ 4/5 race for a few reasons. The first being that road racing is not my cup of tea (at least yet) and this race is shorter than the cat 4 race by 13 miles. The other is that the race starts at 9:50 rather than 8am. The fields are big for this race and my race is full at 75 entrants. I am looking forward to racing and improving over the Alsatian race a few weeks ago. I will be racing the Lago Vista road race next weekend and will be signed up in Cat. 4.

3) I am on my way to one of the most lovely places in the world to go in winter - Chicago, IL. I can't wait to experience the 20 degree weather and bitter wind. To be honest, the 70 degree days in Texas were getting old. HA!

4) My Cateye computer is on the fritz again and has finally bought itself a one-way trip to the trash can. I have my eye on another computer and will post about its marvelousness soon.


Blogger bluecolnago said...

i know you'll just love chicago this time of year. it's warm there..... well, warmer than it has been these past few weeks. have fun. pizza and beer....

2/21/08, 2:03 PM  
Blogger CyclistRick said...

Let me know how it goes in the 35+ group vs the Cat 4 field. Word here is that in races without a 55+ category it is better to go 35+ 4/5 or Cat 4 rather than the 45+ open category where I will have to mix it up with a bunch of Cat 1's and 2's ... like I will be doing on Saturday.

2/21/08, 2:45 PM  
Blogger Danielle said...

Welcome back to the Artic. Hopefully you have some suits lined with fleece :-)

2/21/08, 4:20 PM  
Blogger Ron said...

Wonder why you trashed it.

2/21/08, 6:09 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Blue - this place is too damn cold. I couldn't live here.

Rick - I will let you know. We have the same problem with the 35+ category here where you get lots of low cats using it as a warm up race.

Danielle - I bet you are thrilled to be back in MI after a week in AZ.

Ron - because if I have to get frustrated with that thing once more I am smashing it and that may hurt my hand. So the trash is safer.

2/21/08, 7:42 PM  
Blogger oldmanandhisbike said...

35 mph is a dream for me; don't beat yourself up. I wouldn't have even made to the water refill area without sag service this time of year!
Have fun in the Great White North; Blue and I will have a good cry for you! :^)

2/21/08, 8:48 PM  
Blogger bluecolnago said...

yeah, we'll cry for you, chris. for sure. :)

2/22/08, 5:00 AM  
Blogger the old bag said...

#1 -- le'ouch!

2/22/08, 5:46 PM  
Blogger bryan said...

quick Cat. 4 road race tip: when someone attacks, everybody will counter. EVERYBODY. Just hang out about 15 back and jump on the train. You shouldn't have to do anything other than pick up the tempo a bit.

You probably already knew that, though.

2/22/08, 11:16 PM  
Blogger Eclectchick said...

" . . . the 70 degree days in Texas were getting old."

That was simply to annoy us Northerner's wasn't it? C'mon, fess up. Bratty.

Enjoy the Windy City.

(Heh heh)

2/23/08, 4:41 AM  
Blogger Them Country Folk: said...

We're having a heat wave -- it's about 32F here -- I even got Eric to go for a run with me and the dogs the other day!

2/23/08, 4:35 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Bryan - hopefully I can keep myself in the first 15 period.

Eclectchick - of course it was :). Race temp is going to be 70 today. I will bring my arm warmers.

Country Folk - Eric's feet are too big to run. You should make him try swimming with paddles like those.

2/24/08, 4:17 AM  

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