Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Shop Ride

My time off the bike has taken its toll. I have lost a lot and it showed today during the ride from Southwest Cycle Sport. Eight people showed up for the ride and it was a short 34 miles because a few people had to get back to open the shop. That was plenty long for me today. One thing hasn't changed, in shape or not, and that is that hills are no friend of mine. Those BASTARD HILLS.

Heading to the shop in the Radillac before dawn for an 8am start.

From left: Ken, Greg, Herb and Peter (owner of SWCS)

Jennifer, who is Peter's wife. This lady can ride. She drug my sorry ass up the last few hills today. She also had words with some old psycho in a Navigator who was behind us laying on the horn. We were riding in single file down a steep hill. The pyscho twat got stuck behind a few cars at a stop sign at the bottom of the hill and Jennifer knocked on the window and explained that such behaviors are unjustified and unacceptable. She kept her cool and did it right. Not like I would have. Good job Jennifer.


Blogger bluecolnago said...

it's always someone in a car that has to try to spoil the day.... someday i think i'll post on my blog how i really feel about inconsiderate cars. surely it's the cars, not the drivers?godddddddddd.........

10/21/07, 7:03 PM  
Anonymous Peter said...

Slight clarification. Jennifer is the owner of Southwest CycleSport. I'm just the husband

10/22/07, 6:06 AM  
Blogger jahowie said...

You've gotta love those psychos!! I'm glad that she said something, and I'm really glad that he didn't try to run you guys down. Now get your sorry ass back in shape will ya?!?! LOL

10/22/07, 6:13 AM  
Anonymous Fendergal said...

At this time of year, best to choose riding companions who are slower than you, so as not to risk having one's ego bruised (mine is like a tender banana).

10/22/07, 8:42 AM  
Blogger oldmanandhisbike said...

Glad to hear your riding again and not the Lazy-Boy!
Good thinking; find the strongest rider and let them pull you up the hills. That way you save your energy for the sprint finish back to the shop!
The girl has chops for knocking on the window; not sure I would do that in this day and age.

10/22/07, 9:58 AM  
Blogger lauren said...

man, those navigators...

they seem to ack the same way out here.

10/22/07, 1:45 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Even worse than the Lincoln Navigator is that stupid Lincoln Pickup Truck. What kind of poser drives a pickup truck that is too nice to put anything in the bed or even take it off road? It's like chopping down a 7 inch travel downhill bike, and putting skinny commuter tires on it...

10/22/07, 3:27 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Blue - certain cars attract certain drivers.

Pete - my mistake

Jahowie - I think the correct technique is to never cross in front of or behind the vehicle :)

Fendergal - yeah, but I would have to ride with 12 year olds on BMX bikes.

Oldman - nothing like helping someone limp home and having them drop a sprint on you at the end. People love that shit.

Lauren - lets go talk to the people at Lincoln and find out why they make asshole cars.

Jeff - I agree with you completely on those trucks. I always shake my head when I see one of those Escalade trucks cruising around. What a dumb idea.

10/22/07, 6:35 PM  
Blogger bryan said...

Any SUV that doesn't have 4x4 or would flounder in anything bigger than a puddle is just a big station wagon. Stoooopid.

10/23/07, 7:48 AM  
Blogger Eclectchick said...

But, Chris. Those aren't HILLS, they're OPPORTUNITIES for increased fitness.


10/23/07, 1:59 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Eclectchick - yeah. Whateva!

Bryan - I agree

10/23/07, 7:23 PM  
Blogger Ron George said...


Leave some hopes on "muscle memory"

10/24/07, 3:28 PM  
Blogger CyclistRick said...

Man, we got to get you to be one with the hills. Hills are your friends; good opportunity to work it out, then you get the payoff on the way down. And once you get to be one with the hills, then maybe we can plan a trip to ride the roads that will be stage 16 of next year's TdF (42km climb ... after 15kkm of "uphill work"); yeah, baby.

10/29/07, 11:19 AM  
Blogger bluecolnago said...

are you still there, chris? :)

11/1/07, 4:53 AM  
Blogger Alicia said...

Dude - you still out there - I think this is the longest silence I've seen from you - just hoping you're ok out there

11/1/07, 12:57 PM  
Blogger lauren said...

yes! new post please.

11/1/07, 4:54 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Sorry for the long pause. Just lots going on these days. I just posted a big one to make up for it.

11/2/07, 7:30 PM  

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