Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I have had a productive few days in Chicago. I have a late morning meeting tomorrow and then am off to the airport for my flight back to Austin. It seems like it has been a long week already. On Monday I booked airfare for my work trip to NZ, Australia and Bangkok which will take place the last week of May and the first week of June. All for the bargain price of $13,000. Yikes! Two weeks away from The Bug is a long time. I don't like overseas travel anymore for that reason.

Fat Camp is going well. The bike at the hotel has a TV screen mounted on it. So I have my nice 130bpm rides while watching monster trucks crush old RVs. It really helps pass the time.

I had a nice dinner last night with two of our sales people and their wives. The restaurant had a 1999 Far Niente Cab on their reserve list. Good 1999 Cabs are getting hard to find and are always expensive, especially at restaurants. This bottle was no exception, but it was well worth it.

It won't disappoint if you can find it.

Have a good Thursday.


Blogger oldmanandhisbike said...

Glad to hear your Chicago trip went well.
Did you get a chance to hit the Jazz Record shop while you were there? A musical institution. How about Blue Man Group? No?
Ride the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier?
But seriously, the next time your there, you have to take clients out to the "Kevin Restaurant". Name sounds funny I know, but it is one of the best places to dine in the city. A little pricey, but well worth it.
Sounds like your going to be on the "road" for awhile coming up; I don't envy that. Get yourself a Bike Friday and take it with you on your trip (folder). Phil Liggett rides one, so you know they are the best!

4/19/07, 4:59 AM  
Anonymous sully said...

You said "Bangkok."

4/19/07, 6:21 AM  
Blogger chatterbox said...

Ahhh. I envy the sales people who can expense the 1999 Cab as part of a 'work' dinner. Us IT folks get questions if we go past our $50 per day meal allotment, being that we're revenue negative employees.

Though, I guess it's nice that I rarely have to travel....

4/19/07, 9:03 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...

You throw these exotic locations around as if they were just around your neighborhood and no big deal.

Something inside me won't let me go over $30 for a bottle of wine.

My state government meal per diem is around $35-40 a day I think. You really get screwed on hotels when traveling in state...$55 a night! I hate traveling for work. I always spend money out of my pocket. Thankfully I haven't traveled for work since 2005!

4/19/07, 10:19 AM  
Blogger Alicia said...

Ah, Chris, seems we are in the same camp - fat camp. Seems that since recovery takes time and that time drags on for far too long - my rides haven't kept up with my eatting, so it's to the 'food journal' - which can I tell you just stinks? Anyway - by the middle of summer - I hope we are both beating the skinny kids up the mountains!

4/19/07, 11:28 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Oldman - no Jazz record shop for me. I will have to check out Kevin Restaurant. I have it written down. I just can't see myself on a folding bike. I hope to rent one for the weekend in Brisbane.

Chatterbox - I spend $50 a day on bagels. Joking. I try to use common sense, but sometimes, it is ok to splurge.

Jeff - I seem to lose money sometimes as well. I guess it is just part of traveling.

Alicia - maybe I should start a food journal. I managed to keep it in check on this trip.

4/19/07, 1:22 PM  
Blogger lauren said...

it's a good free online food journal. i tried it for a while when i thought i was eating too many carbs.

4/19/07, 1:40 PM  
Blogger Eclectchick said...

You are quite the Globetrotter! I'm envious of you and glad not to be you, at the same time. :-)

Have you tried Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joe's? (Actually, Three Buck Chuck, now)

4/19/07, 3:36 PM  
Blogger bryan said...

I used to travel a bit at my old newspaper. I can't think of any event this paper would want me to attend ... other than just showing up to work every day.

4/19/07, 6:29 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

Chris, just wait...some day you'll be riding 2x20s (that's minutes) too!

Stick with it. Really try to keep it going while you're travelling the globe. You're off to a great start.

4/19/07, 8:43 PM  
Blogger oldmanandhisbike said...

Chris: Of course, in Brisbane I always rent a bike. That's what I do when I'm there! :^)
Lucky Bastard. Have a great time Mr. Globetrotter. Say hi to the Hobbits in NZ for me. And resist the urge to pat them on the head; they don't like that.

4/20/07, 5:26 AM  
Blogger Mallie said...

After two months of low activity with this knee, I need a couple weeks of "Fat Camp" myself. I'll look to you for some inspiration.

4/20/07, 5:50 AM  

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