Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wobble Naught Woes

I have never really been comfortable on the bike that I race. On longer rides, my shoulders get sore as does my neck and sometimes my elbow. I decided to go do a Wobble Naught fitting to try to shed some light on what the issue may be. I booked an appointment with Keven Saunders at KGS Bikes in San Antonio. Kevin is the only Wobble Naught fitter in Texas according to the Wobble Naught site.

The process to me was fascinating. We started out by taking measurements for about 30 minutes. Things like femur bone length, ankle positions, etc. Then Kevin took the information and plugged it into the Wobble Naught program and it basically spit out measurements for setting up everything on my bike. The cleat position on my shoes, seat location, blah blah. Kevin set up the cleats which were way out of the recommended location (too far forward). Then he adjusted the seat height, leveled the seat which was a few degrees out of level, and shifted the seat back from the forward position I had it in. Check. Going smoothly. Next measurement was the reach from the widest part of the seat to the center of the handlebars. No go. My fear was correct. The frame was too long for me. I thought that perhaps it could be adjusted out with a shorter stem. No go. To put that short a stem on the bike would have dramatically diminished the handling of the bike. We stopped the process there. My current bike has a 55 cm top tube c-c. I need a 52cm c-c. Kevin and I agreed that the best thing to do would be to stop there because we came to a problem that couldn't be fixed. I have already ordered a smaller frame and will take it back to Kevin for set up as soon as I can get the parts switched over to it. I am disappointed for sure, but I am happy to know what the issue is and what it takes to fix it. I would highly recommend the Wobble Naught process for the serious riders and racers out there who want to make sure they are in the correct position both for comfort and for generating power.

It was a short relationship, but she was a good girl. Bye my friend.

The measuring table.

I had to put my ass against that board so he could do some measurements from my sit bones. I think. :)

The adjustments we did made a difference for sure for my lower half, but only made the reach issue worse because the seat had to be moved back from the position that I was riding it.

Other news:
I am at LAX as I type this post awaiting my flight to Auckland. I am in Auckland for a few days. I then go to Australia until June 3. Some friends of ours recently moved to Brisbane, so I will be spending the weekend there with them. It should be fun. I then head to Bangkok and return home on June 8th. I fully intend to maintain what fitness I have while I am there. Hopefully the facilities won't be total crap. One thing is for sure. Two-week trips are too long when you have small children. I miss Bug immensely already and the trip has just begun.

I remembered my camera and cord this time so I will be sure to post pictures along the way. Have a good weekend and good luck to all of you who are racing today.


Blogger oldmanandhisbike said...

Good that you found out this information now because bike fit really does have a huge impact on performance. And for an "old" guy like me, the least little thing that is set up wrong has a painful impact later.
I would say I am jealous but that is a long time to be away from home. I remember the days when I traveled a bit for work and my kids were young, so I feel for you. It's nice that you can stay and visit with friends; I'm sure that makes it easier. Enjoy the food in Thailand! And have a safe trip there and back.

5/26/07, 4:55 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Too bad they don't do all those measurements at the bike shop, huh? You'll have a custom bike when it's all done though. That'll be cool!

When I was younger, I wanted to be a traveling musician. I found that just a weekend away from home was hard on me though. I'm glad that "career" didn't work out!

5/26/07, 9:07 PM  
Anonymous sully said...

Bro, you said Bangkok. Two travel long time.

I hope you got a sturdy frame as well, since after this fit you'll be applying untapped "POWER" & "TORQUE" to it.

Sorry to hear that Idol ended. Give me a holler and I'll bring you in off the ledge.

5/27/07, 4:53 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Oldman - Thanks for the words.

Jeff - You do kind of look that that guitar player from Anthrax.

Sully - you know how I know you are gay?......

5/27/07, 11:46 AM  
Blogger velogirl said...

you're looking leaner, Chris.

5/29/07, 11:39 PM  

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