Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wednesday Evening

Today was a typical day for me. I had a German colleague in town today and had to spend some time training him on new products. I came home and surprise surprise, it was almost dark. When I walked in the house my wife showed me a pile of stuffing that used to be Bug's Surfer Tyrone doll. My dogs apparently put him on trial during the day and sentenced him to death. Poor Tyrone. I went for a run and it was painful. I do sort of like running at night. I crank up the iPod and just zone out. The area I live in has deer running everywhere so it is not uncommon for a little herd to run out right in front of you. The first few times it was kind of startling, but after a while I got used to it.

I picked up the retro roadie from the shop where I was having the headset pressed in. I hope to finish building it right after Christmas if things work out. The weather is getting better down here and I hope to be able to take a few rides this weekend. I did buy a light and taillight for my mountain bike that I have dusted off. I may alternate riding that with running after dark

For those of you who often win races, watch the video below. This guy has a 100 meter stretch routine that shouldn't be followed by anyone. hahaha.

So close but so ......


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