Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hill Country 53

Five friends and I rode 53 miles in the Texas Hill Country today. We left my house at 10am. The temperature was about 45 degrees (don't laugh, that is cold for Texas). The ride went West on Hamilton Pool Road until it splits into RT. 962 and RT. 304. We took RT. 304 towards Hwy 281. RT. 304 turned out to be an awesome road. This was the first time I have ridden it. It is basically a one lane paved road that runs through open pastures. We probably crossed 12-15 cattle guards in a 10 mile stretch. We turned South on Hwy 281 to Johnson City and turned East in Johnson City on RT. 2766 toward Pedernales Falls State Park. RT. 2766 turns into Fitzhugh Road. From there we cut back up to Hamilton Pool Road to finish the ride at 53 miles. My buddy Nugget came down from Minnesota to ride this weekend. A co-worker of mine, Steeler Guy, came to ride from a town about 90 minutes from here. Also joining us was Big Cat and those two awesome girls from last week, Sunflower and Martillo. We had a great ride and pigged out on pizza when we rolled back in to my house.

I felt good at points today and fatigued at other points. There were two nut buster hills to deal with, but they both went well. The fitness is coming along, but not close to where it needs to be. Here are some pictures:

My brah Nugget.

Nugget on the road.

Sunflower and Steeler Guy.

Martillo and Sunflower hammering out the miles.

Sunflower and Martillo with yours truly.

My little boy Bug waiting for me to get back from the ride.


Blogger bluecolnago said...

you're bringing back memories of texas.... cattle guards and low water crossings. whoa!!!!!

we have a few of those in iowa also, but not like you have in texas.

45 degrees! that would be like a heatwave! it's 7F here right now. my ride this morning will probably be fairly short. :)

looks like you had good fun with good friends yesterday. what more could you ask for?

peace out, yo!

12/3/06, 5:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How fun! I'm sorry I wasn't there! Please come visit us in Wisconsin!

Nugget's Other Half, who just got back from running in 5 degree weather.

12/3/06, 6:23 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Blue - yeah, there are cattle guards all over this place. You quickly master the technique of crossing them on your roadie. I wouldn't go outside in 7 degree weather let alone consider taking my bike out. Riding with good friends is the best. Late.

12/3/06, 6:43 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Anonymous - I will definitely come visit shortly. You gotta get back on the bike so you can come down and ride with us next year.

12/3/06, 6:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Chris!
Enjoyed riding with you and your pals very much! I'm not sure i would use the phrase nut busters but those hills caused some full-on burn, no doubt. Even sag support and lunch afterwards....thanks for the best organized ride i've been on!!.....Sunflower

12/5/06, 4:05 PM  

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