Sunday, December 10, 2006

This Weekend

As far as fitness goes, this weekend was a total bust for me. I was in California for most of last week. On Friday I got home from the airport just before my wife got home from work to see that my two dogs decided to go ape shit on a 200 pack of Huggies. If they weren't my pals I would have to strangle them.

Ok, ok. I know I haven't played with you in a few days. But DAMN!

You better be afraid, PUNK!

On Saturday there were a few things that I absolutely had to get done. One of those things was to buy new living room furniture. We had a fixed amount of money set aside and I was certain that I would be able to slide a plasma TV in under the limit. But NO!! Damn taxes. I suppose the big TV will have to wait until after Christmas. Last night we decorated the Christmas tree with all of the unique ornaments that we have collected over the past 8 years.

Today it rained most of the day in Austin. More of a misting rain than a pouring rain. Could I have ridden? Yes. Should I have ridden? Yes. Did I ride? No. I decided to clean the garage instead. We have a 3 car garage and have only been able to park one of the cars inside because the other two bays were filled with junk. After my cleaning efforts I can't get any of the cars in the garage because I have stuff spread out trying to sort and organize it. By the end of the week I will have it done. I did finally get the bike hangers up on the wall so that I could get the 4 bikes up and out of the way.

Blue Colnago from Iowa tagged me so I have to post 6 interesting things about myself. Here goes:

1) The sports that I have done well at all my life have not been finesse sports, but rather physical/contact sports. I love rugby and played for 4 years in college.

2) I have a gift for being a dead shot with a rifle. One of my brothers is a sniper in the military. My other brothers and dad are great shots as well.

3) My undergraduate degree is in Geology. So you will often find me staring at rock formations from my car or bike.

4) I am on my way to 2 million frequent flyer miles with American Airlines.

5) I get addicted to the idea of doing something and dwell on it constantly until it is done. An example of this would be building a new bike or doing a home improvement project. I will think about it for weeks before I finally go get the supplies to do it.

6) I think Mary Poppins was totally bangable.

Now I have to tag 6 people and they are: Fendergal, Danielle Musto, Chainsaw Panda, Anne from Michigan, Masi Guy, Drunk Cyclist


Blogger KMC said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12/10/06, 7:08 PM  
Blogger KMC said...

Nine years. This is our TENTH Christmas together.


12/10/06, 7:10 PM  
Blogger bluecolnago said...

geez chris! you just changed the way i'll look at mary poppins forever!!!!! :)

i can definitely relate to the garge thing....

and the dog thing....

keep smiling!

peace out, yo!

12/10/06, 7:59 PM  
Anonymous suLLy said...

Glad to hear you're finally hitting the garage. Send pics of the finished product and I'll consider reissuing your MAN license. Don't forget that comes w/ a coupon for 2 Busch Light Tall Boys from Pic-n-Pac.

12/12/06, 7:45 AM  
Anonymous Fendergal said...

Does this mean I have to post them on my LJ? Sorry, I like being more mysterious.

A couple things about myself:

I taught myself how to juggle in junior high school.

I've never gone fishing or hunting, and would like to do the latter someday.

12/14/06, 10:04 AM  
Blogger Anne said...

The huggies explosion is great.

I'm distraught by your take on Mary Poppins but I guess I'll recover one of these days and take care of my 'tag' Just been in shock all week.

12/15/06, 5:05 PM  

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