Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saturday Ride

Little Bro and I went out for a few hour ride to break in his new roadie. He liked the bike and it ran perfectly. Of course it did, because I set it up! HA! My computer quit working for some reason today so I need to go out to the garage and figure out WTF its problem is. It was a beautiful sunny day in South Texas, but the wind was blowing like a MOFO out of the NW. Tomorrow Little Bro and I are meeting Big Cat, Mr. S, Mr. P and possibly J-Man for a ride in the South Mopac area. Should be fun.

My poor sister-in-law was supposed to arrive in Austin today to do the AT&T Marathon tomorrow. She got stuck at JFK and can't make it down here in time. She is heading back to Boston tonight. She trained for 2 months for the marathon (she trains year round) and now can't do it. She is going to do the Hyannis Marathon next weekend instead. Nothing like doing a marathon in 30 degree weather. Poor girl.

It didn't take Little Bro long to start looking like a biker.

Nice rolling hills on Fitzhugh Road.

Heading home on RT 12 just south of Hamilton Pool Road.

"Go ahead people. Try to reach for my Frisbee. I double dog dare you."


Blogger Jeff said...

Don't you just love those roads like Fitzhugh Road with no shoulders, and the 3/4 ton pikups/suvs with the extended mirrors that just barely miss your left shoulder?

It's good to see your bro has adopted the spandex from the get go! Most new riders shun the tight fabric...

2/17/07, 8:56 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Jeff - that happens on occassion, but most of the people around here are very patient with cyclists. That is what makes riding these back roads so great. About once a week I get up close and personal with a Yukon mirror.

2/18/07, 4:42 AM  

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