Monday, June 16, 2008

University Oaks Crit Report #2

Rather than drive to Dallas for The Matrix Criterium this past weekend, I decided to go to San Antonio for the second race in the University Oaks Crit series.

There were 50 racers at the start including The Guz and another guy from my team as well as a few strong Cat. 4s from Austin that I am friendly with. The race started out smoothly. I stayed close to the front for the first half of the race. About 1/2 way through the race the bell rang for a preem. I was sitting 4th wheel coming out of the turn onto the finishing straight. I was easily able to get by two of the guys but a friend of mine from Team GS Tenzing would not be denied and took down the preem. Oh well. With 9 laps to go I jumped on the wheel of a guy that came to the front who seemed to want to set a fast pace. After 1/2 lap I looked back and we had a gap of about 60 meters. I was surprised because the guy wasn't attempting a break. I came along side him and told him that we had a good gap thinking his reaction would be "GREAT! Let's roll!" But he seemed surprised and mumbled something. I could tell by his reaction that he wasn't up for the effort, so I decided to try to go alone. I took off and after 5 laps of solo pain, The Guz was able to make it across and we put down 2 more hard laps. We were caught just before the line with 2 to go. I was able to recover enough to get in the sprint to finish 7th. Not a bad finish, but not a win either. It was a strange way to have a solo break because I wasn't planning on going solo. The opportunity presented itself and I simply decided to try. One of these weeks I will get the timing right and a break will stick. Unfortunately I have no pictures this week.

Saturday is the AT&T Austin Downtown Criterium. This is the biggest race in Texas this year. Check out the Pro Men and Women prereg.

Here is #2 on the list of "Top 10 Cheesiest Songs of All Time That You Probably Like But Won't Admit It." You will associate this song with the movie. Especially the scene when Daniel is defending Kumiko's honor through combat with Chozen on the island of Okinawa and Chozen blocks the Crane Technique Daniel attempts. And I remember my reaction was "NO FUCKING WAY! You mean all you have to do to block the Crane Technique (no can defense) is to put up your hands?" Here is Peter Cetera with The Glory of Love.


Blogger lauren said...

good break! and nice placing!

but i'm not saying anything nice about the song.

6/16/08, 10:35 PM  
Blogger AMRcyclist said...

It sounds like you have the legs for a break and win, as you said, the time has to be right. 7th is a good placing after all the work.

Interesting that you have been to Toowoomba, and no, we didn't have to do the 4 km climb to get there.

6/16/08, 10:53 PM  
Blogger Donald said...

Another great effort. One day, one of these losers is going to work with you. It was a good finish for working so hard on a solo break. Keep at it!

6/17/08, 1:07 AM  
Blogger jahowie said...

Nice job on the race!! I am ashamed to admit that I like that song and the movie.

6/17/08, 5:47 AM  
Blogger allan said...

Great race report and congrats on another strong race.

Only 1 more song right?

6/17/08, 6:44 AM  
Anonymous Sunflower said...

I'm so impressed with how far you've come since moving back to Austin! HAve a great race on Saturday....I'll be out to cheer for ya!

Also had no idea how cheezy you are. That rocks!

6/17/08, 8:36 AM  
Blogger CyclistRick said...

Timing, and the break will stick. 7 laps out, 5 solo, is tough to make work unless someone is helping from behind. You'll get there ... soon.

6/17/08, 10:31 AM  
Blogger oldmanandhisbike said...

You seem to be riding consistantly and making things happen but no one else wants to play along.
Keep up the good work; it will come together in GR! :^)
Hope you had a great father's day.

6/17/08, 11:46 AM  
Blogger oldmanandhisbike said...

P.S. Peter Cetera should never have left Chicago. Post "25 or 6 to 4" instead of this silly Gouda! :^)

6/17/08, 11:49 AM  
Blogger Lily on the Road said...

Hope you had a nice Father's Day. Holy, aren't you guys suppose to work together while racing? Good job none the less!

Wow, that song brings back some innocent times....ah memories...

6/17/08, 4:55 PM  
Blogger bluecolnago said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

6/17/08, 7:32 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Lauren - I bet you have a Daniel Laruso tee shirt buried somewhere.

Amrcyclist - I have been to Toowoomba twice and probably will be again sometime in the near future.

Donald - it sure would help but I just don't think that dude had the legs.

Jahowie - FINALLY someone is being honest!

Allan - yes yes. It will all be over soon.

Sunflower - thanks! I look forward to our lunch on Th.

cyclistrick - I want a win this year if at all possible.

Oldman - What about "You're the Inspiration." One of the greatest songs of the 8th grade. HA!@

Lily - thanks. Most of the time it is beneficial, but sometimes it doesn't make sense. I think in some cases people are barely holding on and realize they don't have much to give.

6/17/08, 7:33 PM  
Blogger bluecolnago said...

i don't want to hurt your feelings regarding that song so i'll just remain quiet. ha!

good job at the race! do ya 'spose that if you hadn't told the guy that y'all were 60 meters off the front he would have kept working? so much of it is mental and some just can't deal with it. ya only "think" it hurts. that song is what really "hurts". :) hang in there, buddy.

6/17/08, 7:36 PM  
Blogger Groover said...

Must be time to reconsider your blog title, hey? Something along the lines "Prevailing to dominate the bunch" or "Succeeding to break away solo" ... :-)

6/18/08, 1:38 AM  
Blogger TCA said...

Great write-up - can almost feel the tension!

Good Luck on Saturday Big Man..


6/18/08, 6:13 AM  
Blogger TCA said...

Peter Cetera? Ouch!

...and I was having such a good day.

6/18/08, 6:15 AM  
Blogger Sev said...

I tried that thing Mr Miyagi does to heal Daniel when he claps and rubs his hands together...

Never works.

I reckon breaking solo for 5 laps, breaking in a team of two for 2 laps and coming 7th is hardman stuff Chris. Hardman stuff,


6/18/08, 7:31 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Blue - hard to say what he would have done. You staying dry up there?

TCA - PC was king of the cheese!

Sev - yeah, I think it is bullshit. I mean, I try it all the time and all I do is get sweaty hands.

6/18/08, 7:52 PM  
Blogger Neese said...

ok I admit I'm starting to agree with the cheesiness, some of your earlier songs were damn good ones tho. :D

6/20/08, 2:51 PM  

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