Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday Spendor

We met at the Casa de Chris today for a two hour ride into the Hill Country. Riding were Mr. P, Little Bro, Big Cat and I. Bunny was supposed to ride with us, but she called to cancel. I think the idea of riding with 4 dudes that she doesn't know well was the real reason, but who knows. The route was the typical rolling hills, cattle guards, and low water crossings that are common around here. The wind was blowing, but not hard enough to be too annoying. Mr. P is getting better on the bike every week. Big Cat is fresh back from an ankle injury he got while running on trails by his house. He seems to be doing much better. Little Bro was hung over like a MOFO and just tried to survive the day. I gave him an out telling him that he could turn around, but he opted to ride because he knew the grief I would dispense would far outlast any temporary physical pain.

Little Bro and I went out to Fado's Irish Pub on 4th Street last night. We got back to my house at around 1am. I was driving so I only had 3 beers the whole night. Little Bro on the other hand probably had 9 or 10 Guinness drafts. It seemed like a good idea at the time I guess. Playing at Fado's was the #1 U2 tribute band in Texas (self proclaimed of course). I think they would have been great had I drank another 12 beers. Little Bro met a few cool chicks, so it was all good. I guess when you get home at 1am drunk, a 1030am ride comes damn early.

My newest socks bought at Southwest Cycle Sport for $6.99. My new office is 100 feet from the shop, so I expect my spending there to go up significantly.

Big Cat picking himself up off the road after getting his foot hung up in his pedal.

Whatever DRUNK BOY!

"WTF are you staring at?"

Heading back to the casa on Bell Springs Road.


Blogger sda said...

skipped over here from syds blog, and low and behold, your talking about one of my old haunts - austin.

i spent a winter down there back in the day. riding a ton and working at freewheeling.

thinking about the hill country rides makes me want to cry. swedish bakery rides, tuesday nighters ... ah man. my fav. was a hundred miler out to round mtn. for a coke and back. every wednesday morning. 'dem were the days.

3/5/07, 7:50 AM  
Blogger sydney_b said...

i'm gonna be so glad when the heat starts scorchin' ur butt. I see you and your buds wearin' shorts and stuff while I'm still layering up to cruise my poor bike though the slush and ice. Criminey.

3/5/07, 9:08 AM  
Blogger oldmanandhisbike said...

Looks like fun even with a hangover! Your brother was just trying to max his carb intake for the big ride on Sunday. Why eat a powerbar if you can drink a Guinness, right? :^)

3/5/07, 1:53 PM  
Blogger bluecolnago said...

i second what oldman said....

i can't believe bunny backed out....

little brothers (pretend to) know their place. i have 3 of them. and 3 sons. and 3 grandsons. and my sweetie, rhea.

them thar steers have some mighty "long horns"... he he.

stay out of trouble.

peace out, yo!

3/5/07, 5:54 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

SDA - for me Hill Country riding is about as good as it gets. I used to use Freewheeling in the mid 90s, but the one in San Marcos. I remember the mechanic was a big heavy balding dude that was really cool.

Syd - I will try to look colder for you next time. BRRR. You and your Lincoln buds should pack up your stuff and make a long weekend trip to Austin for some riding.

Oldman - I honestly believe that that is his theory on fueling his body.

Blue - That bull was lucky that there was a fence between him and I. It kept me from whooping his ass. PFF

3/5/07, 6:07 PM  
Blogger Cyndy: said...

I would be in SO much trouble if I were that close to a bicycle shop.

3/5/07, 8:35 PM  
Blogger lauren said...

jeez, 9 or 10 beers and he was still able to ride the next day!

3/6/07, 12:43 PM  

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