Saturday, May 31, 2008

Grinding Away

I was in Virginia this week and had internet connection problems at my hotel, so I am catching up on all of your blogs this morning. I never have connection problems unless the internet provider at the hotel is ibahn. A lot of Marriott hotels use ibahn services. I can get on if I call the number and they manually authenticate my computer, but I get tired of talking to those people so often.

I was a bit sick on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Some sort of stomach thing. Nothing great gobs of Pepto couldn't cure, but it prevented me from even getting to a stationary bike at the hotel. Oh well.

Aside from that, training has been ok. I had one of my best workouts of the year on Monday which was basically a strength building workout - 50 rpm moderate HR hill repeats. I also had one of my worst of the year yesterday. I had trouble getting my HR up and once that became apparent, I mentally checked out. I got through it and tried to quickly forget it. Today I will go out and do my "Tune Up" workout to prepare for my crit tomorrow in San Antonio. I expect the race to be one of the smaller races of the year, but I look forward to getting some intensity in. June is a busy racing month for me. If the gods are good, I will get to do the ones I have scheduled.

I had to order a new rear derailler hanger for my race bike yesterday. I am not sure what happened to the current one, but the screw is stripped out and it is barely hanging on. Once I clamp the skewer down things stay in place. I think it will hold on tomorrow.

Here is a picture of my little guy Tony who is now almost 7 months old. Hard to believe.

And finally, #5 on "Top 10 Cheesiest Songs of All Time That You Probably Like But Won't Admit It." I am going to slow it down a bit. Even the Nights Are Better by Air Supply. This video even has some solid cycling scenes!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Today is Memorial Day. This day commemorates all of the men and women who have perished while in military service to our country. Sadly, I think a lot of people just look at this as a day that gives them a long weekend. Or a day on which they get to have a barbeque. Just take some time to reflect on what today is about. People have taken their last breath, given their lives, in order to preserve the security and values of our country (no matter how flawed the policies are at times). There is no greater sacrifice that can made. Each one of these people was the most important person in the world to someone. Think about the families and friends that have lost loved ones today as well.

I got a great training ride in yesterday with the shop crew. Quite a bit of fast race pace riding and attacking. Just what my coach prescribed after such a crappy week of training. I took the Retro Rocket out and realized that I should ride it more often. It is super comfortable and makes you work hard to go fast.

Here is a picture of the Retro Rocket for you newer readers.

I have been watching the recaps of the Giro on Versus. I should have bought the package to see every stage but I didn't. The Italians are serious about winning the Giro. The racing has been awesome and the scenery even better. Contador is doing superbly for racing on short notice, but I don't think he will be wearing the pink jersey on the podium.

I think next time I make a list of something it will be Top 5. :) However, in order to finish what I started, here is #6 on "Top 10 Cheesiest Songs of All Time That You Probably Like But Won't Admit It." The song is Escape aka The Pina Colada Song by Rupert Holmes. Is the message that this song sends - Don't feel bad if you want to cheat on your lady because she wants to cheat too?? You tell me.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


It is a big racing weekend in Texas. Unfortunately I am not doing any of the three races. After being out of town for work last week and my upcoming departure for Virginia on Tuesday, there is just no time for racing this weekend. The plan is to do some good training and hang out with my little guys and wife.

Speaking of training, I set out for mine today at around 4pm when it was 95 degrees. Needless to say I felt like shit after about 45 minutes and was seriously dragging ass by the time I was done. I am going out with the guys from the shop tomorrow morning when it is cool. I think my steed of choice will be the Retro Rocket which I have not ridden in a month or more.

Yesterday I registered for the AT&T Downtown Austin Criterium. The race is on the NRC calendar and is one of the biggest races in Texas. Most US Pro teams will be represented - Toshiba, Jelly Belly, Rock Racing, Toyota, Colavita will all be there. The women's racing is going to be kick ass too. Advil-Chapstick, Cheerwine, Colavita, Team Revolution, Rock Racing and a team from New Zealand will be there for the women. Sydney Brown will be coming down with Team Revolution so it will be cool to get to see her in action.

And finally, here is #7 on the list of "Top 10 Cheesiest Songs of All Time That You Probably Like But Won't Admit It." Sex Bomb by the man with the package, Tom Jones.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Houston Grand Criterium

I drove the 150 miles to Houston on Saturday with the family because I was racing on Sunday morning at 8am. I was signed up for the 35+ 4/5 race. I left the hotel at 6am and figured that I would grab breakfast at the hotel on the way out. No go. The restaurant opened at 7am. So I found a Chevron on the way to the race and grabbed one of those ham and cheese sandwiches in a plastic triangle package along with a banana and a giant Rice Crispie treat. It definitely wasn't the ideal pre-race meal, but it would have to suffice.

There were 56 racers on the starting line. The course was basically an out and back with a 180 at one end and a city block at the other end. A lap was 2.8 miles. The race started off at a decent pace, but not blazing by any stretch. I was in the second row at the start and got off well. I made sure that I was at or near the front going through the 180 on every lap. I went through first on 4 laps. I wanted to avoid the "slinky" effect that you get when you are coming out of a sharp turn when sitting too far back. I managed to get into 2 breaks both of which were short lived. The problem with breaks in higher cat races is that once they make the break some riders want to sit on and it only takes one to ruin the cooperation. On the last lap I led through the 180 at the far end of the course. The pace was fast and I grabbed a few wheels. Unfortunately about 1/4 mile or so from the two left turns before the finish I got boxed in. Coming out of the last corner I throttled it and came around 2 racers in the sprint to finish 10th. This was the first time this year that I felt like I was able to motor the sprint. I still have some work to do on sprinting, but it is coming along. I was hoping for top 5, but top 10 will have to do.

I am in the blue and white between the two guys in yellow and black.

Here is the second break that I managed to get in about to get caught. I worked my ass off to get across only to find the guy on the left yelling at the two other guys because they wouldn't work. I hadn't even had a chance to recover and pull before it was all but done. Great job on spotting a good break, Chris.

Here is the sprint. The guy in red that won had a killer sprint. He came by me earlier in the race for a preem and was hauling ass. I checked his results and am not surprised to see that he does most of his racing on the track.

Here is the weather for the next week. Luckily I will be in cool So. Cal. for the next 3 days.

And finally, what you have been waiting for. Number 8 on the list of "Top 10 Cheesiest Songs of All Time That You Probably Like But Won't Admit It." Here is Barbie Girl by Aqua!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I decided to do the Lake Travis Cycling Club pseudo race rather than driving the 60 mile round trip to do the Thursday Crit. It was a great workout. We had about 15 people. The first 3 miles roll out neutral and then the pace picks up to race pace. The group had a good paceline going until we hit the first significant hill. At that point a selection of 5 of us got away and were never caught. After the turn around I decided where I was going to attack. I had the perfect opportunity when the pace slowed about 1 mile before the finish which is the Bee Cave town line sign. I opened a gap and brought one guy with me. We worked together for a half mile or so and then another 2 were able to bridge up. There were 3 of us from Southwest Cycle Sport and one guy from Hotel San Jose. The only problem was the guy from San Jose is one of the best sprinters in Texas. I tried to get away about 1/4 mile from the finish, but had San Jose on my ass. I pulled and broke off to the right hoping one of my teammates could come around him and win the sprint. No such luck. Not even close. Oh well. It was fun.

Here is #9 on the list of "Top 10 Cheesiest Songs of All Time That You Probably Like But Won't Admit It." You know him. You love him. Oldman was past President of his fan club. BERTIE HIGGINS!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I am sitting here watching American Idol. I am speechless that Syesha got voted off. Yeah, right. Everyone knew it was going to be David vs. David.

I am coming out of my fog as far as motivation goes. I have been watching the video below over and over and over. I think it has helped. If only Don Corleone were here to slap me.

I am either racing the Thursday night crit tomorrow night or doing a group ride which is basically an unsanctioned race. I haven't decided yet. Sunday is the Houston Grand Criterium which is one of the larger crits in TX. I am racing with the old boys which should be good.

I had to spend two days in Toronto earlier this week which was sort of a last minute thing. Next week I am in California for two days. The following week I am in Virginia for two days. Sighhh.

I am going to post the "Top 10 Cheesiest Songs of All Time That You Probably Like But Won't Admit It." Here is number 10. She had strong vocals. He appeared to be able to play every musical instrument ever created. Here they are - Captain & Tennille!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Mental Pains of Cycling

I haven't been blogging much. My training has been uninspired, but continuing. I get into these ruts from time to time. It will pass. I should be able to post more tomorrow evening. In the meantime here is silent Eddy clip to keep you all inspired.

Saturday, May 03, 2008


Our seats were 15 yards from the finish line. She was such a beautiful athlete. I could see the desperation in her eyes as she came through the finish line trying to catch Big Brown. She ran with the boys and proved that she belonged. Rest in peace Eight Belles.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Derby Time

Just a quick note to say I am in Louisville, KY for the Kentucky Derby. We are entertaining customers and the schedule is pretty full until Sunday. I probably won't be reading blogs until then. For those of you like Groover who are racing this weekend, I wish you all the best.